leasific.com is for sale

The one word domain name leasific.com is for sale. This is a short English language domain with the popular ‘ific’ ending.

Some business ideas for leasific.com

Online leasing platform: Leasific.com could be a comprehensive online platform for leasing various products, such as vehicles, electronics, furniture, and machinery, connecting owners and renters efficiently.

Property management software: Develop a property management software solution for landlords, property managers, and tenants, streamlining the leasing process and offering tools like lease agreements, maintenance requests, and rent collection.

Lease marketplace: Create a peer-to-peer marketplace connecting people who want to lease or rent items, from everyday household items to specialised equipment, providing a secure and user-friendly experience.

Equipment leasing consultancy: Establish a consultancy service for businesses seeking to lease equipment and machinery, offering expert guidance on the best leasing deals, contract negotiation, and asset management.

Virtual co-working space: Develop a virtual co-working platform that allows remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to lease virtual office spaces, meeting rooms, and other resources flexibly.

Lease comparison site: Launch a comparison site that allows users to search and compare lease deals on various items, such as cars, electronics, and appliances, helping them find the most cost-effective leasing option.

Sustainable leasing: Promote eco-friendly leasing by offering a platform for leasing environmentally friendly products, such as electric vehicles, solar panels, and energy-efficient appliances.

Short-term lease management: Provide short-term lease management services for property owners who want to rent out their homes, apartments, or commercial spaces temporarily, handling listings, bookings, and property maintenance.

Lease education and resources: Offer educational resources and tools for individuals and businesses navigating the leasing process, including online courses, webinars, articles, and a community forum.

Customised lease agreements: Develop an online service for creating customised lease agreements for various products and industries, allowing users to input specific details and generate legally binding contracts quickly and efficiently.

How to buy leasific.com

You can buy this domain directly or through a market place. If buying directly, contact me at domains [at jamesphart.com]. I will only deal through a service such as Escrow.com for the protection of all parties. Fees to be paid by the buyer.

If we know each other, there is scope for dealing directly.

Types of sales

Want to buy leasific.com outright? Great, happy to hand the domain over when the full payment has cleared.

Cashflow not as great and would prefer payments over a number of months? That’s fine with me also. Escrow.com has a procedure for this and works well for everyone. Something like a small upfront payment and then monthly over the next 12 months works for me.

Prefer to lease until the business idea is proven? Yes, fine with that also and similar process to the payments over time.

Some other method? Contact me and we can discuss.

Buy leasific.com on Dan

The domain leasific.com is listed at Dan.com also and sales can be facilitated through there if that is your preference.

Payment methods

If buying through the Dan.com marketplace, then you have the choice of all their payment options. If buying directly and using Escrow.com, then you have the choice of all their payment options.

Other methods for buying the leasific.com domain name will be considered, subject to agreement at the time of the sale.


USD13500 and contact at domains [at jamesphart.com].

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